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9:30 a.m.*
 Sacrament of Holy Communion
(*unless noted as otherwise below)


11:00 a.m.* Morning Worship

*Quarterly Communion:
On the second Sunday of January, Palm Sunday and on the first Sunday of July and October, there is no service at 9:30 a.m. and Communion is held at 11 a.m.
(unless noted as otherwise below)


April 2

 11:00 a.m.  Quarterly Communion (Note: no 9:30 a.m. service)
> service conducted by Rev. Lorraine Kennedy-Ritchie

Updated: EGM re Vacancy - The EGM announced at both services of worship last Sunday is being postponed until 24/4/17 due to a new candidate coming to the application process. More details will be announced in due course.




To include any content in the monthly News Bulletin, please contact the Bulletin Editor (Robin Simmons) using the Contact Form or 'phone 01 298 6166.

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The Christ Church Rathgar (CCR) Mission Plan provides information for the outside reader about what our congregation does, and how we intend to improve and develop what we do.  It helps members of our congregation understand where their church is going and encourages their participation in its development. It helps those responsible for the growth of the congregation and its life make sure that important matters are being attended to and to check that aims are being achieved. The plan is annually reviewable and subject to continuous development to which all may contribute.


Mission Statement brochure
Digital brochure
of the Mission Statement and Mission Plan




CCR Children's Library is stocked by voluntary book contributions from all the families associated with the Church.  The Library is set up in the Youth & FamilyCCR Children's Library Area on the upper floor of the Tennant Hall.  Books may be borrowed and/or returned on Sunday mornings after church.  The lending scheme operates on a simple ‘trust’ basis.  We would welcome books suitable for all ages from 2 to 18.  These would be, in the majority of cases, books previously owned and read by our children who would be willing to pass them on for others to enjoy.  So, please do a clear-out of children's books at home and bring them into CCR for the Library.  There is a clearly marked box ready for them in the back porch of the church.  Thank you to those who have already contributed books.  For further information please contact Jill McQuillan (01) 497 1329 or Meriel Wolfe (01) 235 0349.



Vyara Ebenezer Children's Home is run by the Society for Integrated Social Uplift, a Christian organization for the advancement of "Tribal" Indians from the Dangs region in South Gujarat.  A letter from the Ebenezer Home explains the project as follows:




"The parents of these children are living in remote villages of mountain forests. They do cultivation in the monsoon only and get a poor harvest which is sufficient for four months only. As there are no job opportunities in these villages after harvest, these parents migrate to neighbouring districts for sugar cutting and other work. They wander in search of work for eight months with their families. The children are vulnerable and suffer without proper food and care. Their education and health are greatly affected in this wandering period. Seeing their pitiable condition the Children's Home admitted sixteen girls, with the help of local missionaries. Here they get asylum with proper food and education and are growing in physical, spiritual and educational aspects."





The girls at the SISU Vyara Hostel



Birthday celebration



Independence day celebration


Girls in the Ebenezer Children's Home


Girls in the Ebenezer Children's Home, ten of whom are supported by CCR



Migrant tribal families from Dangs



Migrant tribal families from Dangs



Tribal migrant labourers from Dangs


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  March/April    > also see the monthly news bulletin for further information.

Music Club - This term we'll be having a Music Club after church.  The club will start at 12.30 & finish at 1.45 each Sunday. Absolute beginners & those who already can play an instrument are welcome to take part. We will have guest musicians each week & the young people will be taught a bit of ukulele, guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, percussion, music software & recording over the 6 weeks. The goal being to be able to play 2 or 3 songs together and have recorded songs of our own by the end of the 6 weeks.

Please let me know if your child/teen is interested and if they own/play any instruments already.  Interested kids from 1st class through to 4th year are welcome to come along and take part.  Parents can stay or escape to the pub for some lunch while the kids learn. The kids can bring a packed lunch so they don't get too hungry.

Thanks - Simon ( / 086 3389996)

Session Meeting - Wednesday, 5 April @ 8 p.m.

EGM re Vacancy - Monday, 24 April

The EGM announced at both services of worship on Sunday 18th March is being postponed until 24 April due to a new candidate coming to the application process.  More details will be announced in due course.


Friday, 28 April at Rathfarnham Golf Club

Tee times: 13.00h-13.30h (Team of 3 format; exact times will be advised closer to date)

Dinner: 6.30PM FOR 7.00PM

Cost: Golf - €30 p.p. / Golf & Dinner - €50 / Dinner only - €20 p.p.

It has been decided to resurrect the CCR Golf Outing (last held in 1991!) and to combine it with a congregational Fellowship Dinner.  We hope as many as possible will be able to attend either one or other or, indeed, both!

Payment in advance (cash or cheques made out to CCR) would be much appreciated and can be made to either Alison or Jennifer Moffett c/o CCR.  Early booking will greatly assist the organisers, so please respond as soon as possible.

If you would like to donate golf competition prizes or ‘lucky dip’ presents, please also advise Alison.

Thank you.




The EGM announced at both services of worship on Sunday 18th March is being postponed until 24 April due to a new candidate coming to the application process.  More details will be announced in due course.



At the recent EGM (at which only 72 were in attendance) the leading candidate missed achieving a 2/3 majority by a small margin, so the process of electing a new Minister starts again!

We will now be revising the Voting List so here is your opportunity to play a part in future elections.  The only criteria for joining the list is a contribution – small or large – to the Freewill Offering Scheme and at least one attendance at a Communion Service over the last two years.

If you require Free Will Offering envelopes please contact Mrs Ann Simmons, FWO Secretary, at

We encourage you and look forward to your assistance.





The Dublin Food Bank based in Tallaght (under the auspices of Crosscare) is in desperate need of food supplies to help struggling families over the coming months.  To help them out a box will be placed in the church front and rear porches after all services for donations of food such as pasta, rice, cooking sauces, tinned meat/fish, sugar and tea, together with things like tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap and washing powder will be gratefully received.  A member of the congregation is willing to bring donations directly to the food bank to help those in urgent need. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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The Retiring Collection (raised over €900) after the January Quarterly Communion service will be in aid of Merchants Quay IrelandFounded by the Franciscans in 1969 MQI provides an open access  service at the Riverbank Centre providing food, lodging and basic medical care. Each month an average of 2000 people attend the Riverbank Centre, about 7000 meals are provided, and 12000 cups of tea are drunk. MQI also offers long term care  and rehabilitation for the homeless and addicted, in Dublin and some Midland counties.

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 Jack Lee

Funeral will take place on Tuesday 4 April,
at 11 a.m. in CCR.

 March 28, 2017
 Pauline Mossop 20 January, 2017

James Bailie

 8 October, 2016
 Richard Reid 7 June, 2016
 John (Jack) Henderson 26 April, 2016
 Evelyn Wright 25 April, 2016
 Alan Davidson 4 April, 2016

~ We commend their families to God's care and comfort ~


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 Data Protection - CCR will...

  • obtain and use the information fairly (i.e. by voluntary sharing, for mutual benefit);

  • only share any personal information stored by CCR with persons or for activities directed by the Kirk Session or Congregational Committee;

  • keep it for only one or more clearly stated and lawful purposes which are communicating information concerning church developments and meetings;
    Data Protection

  • use and make known this information only in ways  that are in keeping with these purposes;

  • keep the information safe;

  • make sure that the information is factually correct, complete and up-to-date;

  • make sure that there is enough information - but not too much - and that it is relevant;

  • keep the information for no longer than is needed for the reason stated; and

  • give members a copy of personal information when members ask for it.

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